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Tom Catucci

Founder / Lead Disc Jockey
Former band leader, lead vocalist and guitar player for some locally known wedding and lounge bands, Tom is no stranger to the microphone and it shows when he relates to his audience. His announcements are clear, precise and well thought out, making your special introductions warm, exciting and discernible.

Tom started his DJ career at the Fiesta in 1991, where he was an in-house musician. After seeing such demand for DJ entertainment, he decided, this could be fun!  Loving every minute of the DJ life, Tom and much of his staff attend several DJ training seminars each year, such as the Mobile Beat DJ Show in Las Vegas, the N.A.M.E. (National Association of Mobile Entertainers) DJ Business Conference in Philadelphia and most recently the Gigbuilder DJ Cruise out of Florida and countless local chapter DJ meetings throughout the east coast.

He has authored several DJ related articles that have been published in DJ magazines, such as NE News (The National Entertainer News) and Mobile Beat, The Mobile Entertainer’s Magazine and has had articles of DJ interest written about him in the aforementioned.

In addition to staying on top of what’s happening in the DJ/Party world, Tom is always investing in the latest high-tech performance equipment – all to assist him in creating the very best parties for YOU, his valued client.

Joey D

A lot of entertainers use the name Joey Dee, but our Joey D’ is DEE MAN…

An exciting entertainer, Joey ensures there is no question who the guest of honor is and he makes them part of the excitement. Be it a Wedding or a Birthday Party – doesn’t matter what – Joey will give you great music, his undivided attention, the power of his event knowledge (built over 16 years of experience) and a straight forward Rockin’ Good Time. He is able to excel at any type of party.

Many try to duplicate his unique style, but there’s only one real Joey D’.

His dynamic CD sound system is a Clear and Present Party Machine and you will love his professionalism! P.S. he’s a nice guy too!

Eddie Wolf

At the young age of 17 Eddie was pleasantly welcomed by me (Tom) as an energetic and passionate addition to my staff.

Whenever I’m asked about Eddie I enjoy telling my pears and prospects, “Initially I taught Eddie everything he knows about DJing…. BUT in recent years he has been teaching me and I’m not ashamed to say he has raised the bar for me and my DJ profession”

I’ve always told him, if you listen, you’ll learn and now I’ve taken my own medicine! At the risk of creating a monster, he is really a very talented DJ and I’m proud to have him as a part of Tom Catucci Events.

 Great at Sweet 16′s, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Proms, Grad parties, and Corporate events too, actually in the few short years in the biz Eddie excels in any event he takes control of, largely because he truly applies himself.

 He frequently guests DJ’s such celebrated venues as Webster Hall, Pacha, Ajna Bar and Planet Hollywood in Times Square.   Aside from all this, Eddie Wolf really packs the dance floor.